1. I am unable to create an online bill pay account, what should I do? 

First, ensure you have a statement as defined below:

For billing statements dated AFTER February 1, 2017

Please note the change in the Account Number.  To use the new portal, your statement will include “Your Online Account Number” in blue as shown below.         
Please be sure you have selected the correct entity on your statement and the corresponding link.

Also note that the Guarantor associated with the patient statement must have a date of birth on file with the Health System to use the online bill payment portal.

For billing statements dated BEFORE February 1, 2017

If your statement appears in the format below, please use the link below during our transition period.  Please note the “Online Account Number”  will be in black font.

2. What is the purpose of funding sources?  

Funding sources are a secure, convenient way for you to access your credit card or bank account information when making payments for your statement balances for the Medical Center and Foundation Medical Partners, including your linked accounts. You can store up to 3 credit card and 3 bank accounts to choose from when paying your bill. You can also add, delete or modify your funding account information at any time.  Please know that you will need your CVV/CVC number for new payments from your credit card to process a payment.

3. Can I view my statement for the balances due?  What if I do not agree with the balance due?

Yes, our new payment portal allows you to view your statements that have been produced after February 1, 2017. Online Bill pay may reflect balances not yet billed. It does not reflect balances sent to an agency or credit balances.

4. I need to pay my balance in installments, can you help me with that? 

Yes, we will gladly assist you with setting up an interest free payment plan with us.  We are now able to automatically charge payments for up to 12 consecutive months to your credit card, debit card or withdrawn from a qualifying bank account for your convenience.

Unfortunately we cannot combine balances for Southern New Hampshire Medical Center and Foundation Medical Partners on one payment arrangement.

Please contact the Patient Accounts Department to set up your payment plan today. 

5. How do I link other statements to my online bill pay account?

Once you register with an online bill payment account, your dependents statements will be linked to your account for your convenience. You may manually link other dependents but will need your dependent’s statement in order to do so. Follow the prompts on the online bill pay “link accounts” to set up this functionality.

To view balances from both FMP and SNHMC, you need to create an account for both entities.  After the account is created use the Drop downs too pick business office and account to pay on specific statements.

Still need help?  Please contact the Patient Accounts Department.


6.  I put through a payment that I need to cancel or void, what should I do?

If you need to void a payment that you have made, you can do so by logging into your account. If the payment status is pending, click on the link for your transaction and select “cancel payment”. If your payment reflects a submitted or settled status, please contact the Patient Accounts Department and we can submit the payment for a refund to your funding source. Please be aware that refunds may take up to 10 days to be reflected on your account.