Medical Records - Foundation Medical Partners

If you would like us to forward a copy of your medical record to a health care provider, we need your written authorization, which is valid for six months. If you pick up your medical record in person written authorization a photo ID is required.

Please provide a range of dates of service, or information that identifies the information you need - for example, "all records from 2000 to present date" or "anything pertaining to my broken leg."

Please Note:

  • For an electronic copy of your records there is a flat fee of $6.50 (price set by guidelines issued by The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Civil Rights). Electronic copies of records are provided to you on an encrypted CD-ROM disc.  
  • If we send your records directly to your healthcare provider there is no charge. 
  • Third party requests, from insurance companies and attorneys, are also charged for copies. You will receive your records from The Medical Center or Bactes Imaging Solutions. Payments for copies can be made by cash or check only. 
For Southern NH Medical Center Medical Records information, click here.