New Knee- New Lease on Life: Total Knee Replacement

Brian Landrigan, a lifelong sports enthusiast, faced a daunting challenge in his late 50s. Years of knee troubles, stemming from a teenage basketball injury that never quite healed correctly had taken a toll on his active lifestyle. His left knee had grown progressively weaker due to years of compensating for his injured right knee, and the onset of arthritis only exacerbated his discomfort. As the pain intensified and knee swelling persisted, Brian knew he needed a solution to reclaim his active life.

Finding Solutions for Knee Pain

Total Knee Replacement Nashua NHLike many facing joint issues, Brian was initially skeptical about knee replacement surgery when his primary care provider suggested he consult with Foundation Orthopedics. However, he had witnessed numerous success stories among friends and acquaintances who had opted for similar procedures. He knew he had found the right person to help when he met Dr. Robert Davis.

Dr. Davis, known for his expertise and patient-centered approach, listened carefully to Brian's concerns and goals. Brian was clear about what he wanted – to continue golfing and enjoying hiking and biking with his wife. He couldn't bear the thought of enduring his knee problems for the rest of his life, feeling too young to be held back by pain and discomfort.

Initially, Dr. Davis tried conservative treatments, draining Brian's knee and administering cortisone injections. However, when the relief from these treatments was temporary, they began to discuss the possibility of surgery. Dr. Davis did not force this decision; instead, he helped Brian choose based on his unique needs and goals.

Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Brian's knee replacement surgery took place on March 27, and his recovery progressed quickly. He followed Dr. Davis's precise instructions on managing pain and began at-home physical therapy almost right away. Gradually, he transitioned from walking with a cane to walking unaided.

Foundation OrthopedicsTen days after surgery, Brian embarked on full physical therapy with Mark Hall at Southern NH Physical Therapy in Merrimack. Brian speaks highly of Mark, saying, "Mark is the physical therapist of the year as far as I am concerned. He was encouraging but forceful." Mark played a pivotal role in helping Brian regain his strength and mobility.

Brian's New Lease on Life

On May 1st, just six weeks post-surgery, Brian achieved a milestone he had eagerly anticipated. Planning to walk only nine holes of golf, he felt so good that he completed a full 18 holes, free from pain. Brian describes the experience as "liberating." Today, Brian is back to playing in his golf league, taking hikes with his wife, and keeping up with the grandkids- knee pain-free.

Brian Landrigan’s experience is a testament to Dr. Robert Davis's exceptional skill, his unwavering dedication to patient care, and his meticulous approach to both surgery and recovery. For Brian, the decision to undergo knee replacement surgery under Dr. Davis's care was life-changing, allowing him to embrace an active lifestyle once more. Brian concludes, "I had complete confidence that he would do a great job and have the best possible outcome, and he did."

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Posted: 4/18/2024