SNHMC Earns 4-Star Overall Hospital Quality Rating from CMS


Southern New Hampshire Medical Center announces its four-star Overall Hospital Quality Rating from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) for the second consecutive year. CMS uses a five-star quality rating system to measure the experiences Medicare beneficiaries have with their health care system. Health systems are rated on a scale of 1 to 5 stars, with 5 being the highest.

“The high rating from CMS is a testament to the work of our entire staff and our commitment to quality and patient safety. We are proud of the efforts from our staff and providers to maintain this high-quality rating even while we adapted to meet urgent health care needs during the pandemic,” said Colin McHugh, President and CEO of Southern New Hampshire Health. “We are successful in our efforts today, and we strive to do better—always. We will continue to do our very best for our community now and for years to come.”

CMS compiles the star ratings by assessing hospitals on five quality measures: mortality, safety of care, readmissions, patient experience, and timeliness and effectiveness of care. The star ratings reflect performance on those measures relative to other U.S. hospitals in the same “peer group,” which is based on the number of measure sets in which a hospital reports enough data to be scored.

Patients of Southern New Hampshire Medical Center continue to share their experiences with the hospital. Recently a patient shared, “Never like going to the hospital, but this was a very positive experience in an emergency situation. The nurses were great, was quite impressed with the surgeon who came back to read my printed copy of a CT scan done at another hospital the night after he completed my surgery. That was quite unusual to me and then he showed up the next morning as well to discuss discharge needs. Could not ask for better care!”

Another patient said, “I was amazed at how professional and caring all the staff were. They definitely were willing to do a very challenging job in a stressful environment and their dedication to their patients seemed to shine through everything they did. I couldn't thank them enough!!”

“I truly enjoyed my experience here. The staff was very accommodating and friendly. I felt heard by the delivery doctor on some of my concerns. They made the process as smooth as possible for me,” offered a patient who delivered at The Birth Place at Southern New Hampshire Medical Center.

For more details on each of the five quality measures, click here.

Posted: 8/3/2022