Welcoming Mollie: A High-Risk Birth Story

Nichole Murphy, her husband Fred, and 8-year-old daughter Ellie recently welcomed their family’s newest member, baby Mollie, at The Birth Place at Southern New Hampshire Medical Center. From prenatal care through discharge, Nichole has nothing but praises for every Southern NH Health team member involved in their journey.

Nichole was certain when she chose Dr. Denise McHugh of Foundation OB/GYN and The Birth Place due to their excellent reputation for care and competence. The positive experiences of her family and friends only reinforced Nichole's confidence in her choices.

Dr. McHugh expertly guided Nichole though the ups and downs of pregnancy. At 36, Nichole was considered an older mother, and when a glucose test revealed that she had gestational diabetes (GD), things got a little more complicated. Dr. McHugh referred Nichole to classes about managing GD, and together with diet and insulin, the team successfully managed the complication. More importantly, Nichole felt supported and understood. She explains, “The education and support I received was great because I felt guilty as though I was putting my baby in danger as a result of wanting certain foods. Every appointment with every provider and educator was encouraging, reassuring, and supportive.”

Dr. Denise McHugh explains, “Being here to support our patients, and allowing them to ask questions without guilt or fear of judgement, is one of the most important parts of our jobs. We value the relationships we build with our patients and that they trust us with one of the most important experiences in their lives.”

Nichole was induced as planned with the assistance of a helpful and attentive midwife and nurses at The Birth Place. They provided Nichole with an exercise ball and tools for light exercises, making the labor process more comfortable and manageable. When Nichole's water broke, she opted for an epidural, which helped her through the final stages of labor. After a brief period, baby Mollie made her grand appearance, filling the room with joy and excitement.

The family’s post-delivery stay at The Birth Place was equally wonderful. The staff managed visitors sensibly, ensuring that the new family had ample time to rest and bond. Whenever assistance was needed, the nurses promptly responded to calls and patiently addressed any questions or refill requests. Nichole calls their approach “supportive and caring, without being intrusive”.

In the end, Nichole reflects on her birth experience at The Birth Place with gratitude and satisfaction. She commends the exceptional care, the warmth of the staff, and the meticulous attention to detail. For Nichole and her family, this was not just another hospital experience; it was a truly wonderful and memorable journey, thanks to the outstanding team at Foundation OB/GYN and The Birth Place.

Posted: 8/25/2023