Nashua Students Thank Healthcare Heroes

Art teachers throughout the Nashua School District banded together at the request of the United Way of Greater Nashua and Alderman Trish Klee to help provide uplifting messages of appreciation for our staff. Now, thanks to Nashua children of all ages, the hallway to the Medical Center cafeteria is lined with artwork expressing the community’s gratitude for the heroic work our staff does day in and day out to keep the community safe.

“We are regularly asked how people can help us during this challenging time,” said Betsy Houde, Director of Community Partnerships. “While our number one answer is to get vaccinated and boosted, the next is to send messages of appreciation and donations of healthy snacks.”  


In addition to the artwork on display, over 1,000 handwritten thank you cards from the community will be distributed to departments across the system.

Posted: 12/16/2021