Nurturing New Nurses: The Nurse Residency Program at Southern New Hampshire Health

Becoming a nurse is a rewarding journey, and the transition from the classroom to professional nursing practice can be both exciting and challenging. At Southern New Hampshire Health, we understand the importance of providing new nurses with the resources and support they need to confidently embark on their nursing careers. Our Nurse Residency Program is designed to give new nurses the tools, knowledge, and experience required for success in the acute care setting.
Our graduates agree. Recent program alumna Breana Vermette, RN says, “The Nurse Residency Program at Southern NH Medical Center provided me with the opportunity to learn and grow as a new graduate nurse. I was offered all the education and training to perform my role effectively while still being given the freedom to learn on the job. In this program, you’re given the tools needed to become a great nurse while being encouraged to learn through experience. The preceptors are wonderful and know just how much to push you and what support you may need. I can truly say I am a better, more competent, and confident nurse because of the program”.

The Nurse Residency is a year-long journey that begins with an intensive six-week orientation program. After six weeks of immersive learning with a cohort of new nurses, the residents are matched with exceptional preceptors for their specialty orientation while continuing to participate in a blend of evidence-based didactic learning, simulation-based training, and hands-on clinical experiences throughout their first six months. These components are designed to prepare new nurses for the diverse challenges they will face in an acute care environment, whether new to nursing or new to a specialty.

8 Key Elements of Nurse Residency:

1. Specialized Education: One of the program's highlights is the up to 80 hours of in-person education that introduces nurses to the care of unique patient populations. This includes specialized training in areas such as cardiac care, stroke management, IV therapy, trauma care, and surgical patient care.

2. Specialty Tracks: The program offers five specialty orientation tracks, allowing participants to choose the path that aligns with their interests and career goals. Options include Critical Care, Obstetrical, Emergency, Medical-Surgical, and Operating Room nursing, ensuring new nurses receive targeted training in their chosen field.

3. Dedicated Support: New nurses are paired with dedicated preceptors who provide guidance and mentorship. Weekly check-ins with an education mentor help nurses track their progress and address any concerns or questions during and after they have achieved independent practice.

4. Continuous Development: The program includes development sessions and advanced skills labs, fostering a commitment to ongoing and interprofessional learning throughout the crucial first year as a nurse.

5. Individualized Orientation: Nurses receive individualized orientation plans tailored to their unique needs and strengths. Nurse Residents participate in ongoing evaluation to ensure they receive the time and personalized support they require to feel confident in their practice.

6. Evidence-Based Practice: Access to over 2,000 evidence-based procedures empowers nurses with the latest knowledge and best practices in health care.

7. Simulation-Based Learning: A high-fidelity simulation training center provides a safe and supportive environment for hands-on, real-life scenario training.

8. Expert Clinical Resources: New nurses benefit from interprofessional learning from experts in our health system, including providers, surgeons, therapists, diabetes educators, wound and ostomy clinicians, case managers, IV specialists, nutritionists, and respiratory therapists.

Nurses complete the Nurse Residency Program at Southern New Hampshire Health with new professional relationships and important skills such as effective communication, patient advocacy, the ability to participate in the quality improvement process, and the ability to prioritize care for patients according to the highest standards of practice.
The Nurse Residency Program at Southern New Hampshire Health is a comprehensive support system that guides new nurses through the transition from classroom to professional nursing practice. With dedicated mentors, a wealth of resources, specialized training, and a strong focus on patient-centered care, this program prepares nurses to become proficient health care professionals who are ready to make a difference in the lives of patients and their families. Our commitment to nurturing new nurses ensures they are well-equipped to meet the high standards of excellence and compassion in patient care.
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Posted: 12/13/2023