Reclaiming Life: Carlos's Inspiring Weight Loss Journey

Carlos Cruz's battle with obesity began at an early age. When he was just 14 years old, he remembers stepping on the scale and hitting 300 pounds. He says he was always considered a heavy-set person, and in his early 20s, he began making lifestyle changes. Carlos went to the gym regularly and stuck to a well-rounded diet. He saw great results until a back injury put his weight loss goals on hold. "When I injured my back, I was exercising and calorie counting, and I had dropped my weight to about 207 pounds, but after that, I couldn't work out anymore because of my back pain." Carlos tried to push through the discomfort but ultimately ruptured his disc and had to undergo back surgery. 

The Turning Point

In 2021, just three months after back surgery, Carlos was struck by a car on the side of the highway. The accident took a toll on his body and the pounds he had worked so hard to lose came back. It was then he made a critical decision—to opt for weight loss surgery before undergoing yet another operation on his back. 

In 2022, Carlos had successful gastric bypass surgery at Southern New Hampshire Weight Management. Going into the procedure, he was at his heaviest weight: 306 pounds. After nearly one-year post-surgery, he happily shares that, "After going through the process and following the diets and the plan that was laid out, I am down to 194 pounds!"

Finding His Healthy  

Beyond the number on the scale, Carlos has seen remarkable improvements in his overall health. "I no longer use my sleep apnea machine, and I don't take blood pressure medication anymore," he shares. "I feel great. I feel like a new person." 

Carlos credits much of his success to the providers and staff at Southern New Hampshire Weight Management who made him feel at home and confident in their care. “Carlos came into the program with a great attitude,” says Dr. Catania. “His case demonstrates perfectly how when you use surgery to modify the neurohormonal imbalances that drive obesity and pair that with a healthy diet and exercise program that you can achieve tremendous results.” 

Not only was the quality of care a priority, but the convenience was crucial for Carlos. He shares, "The hospital is five minutes from my house. All the doctors I had to see for sleep apnea, my back surgery, and the weight loss surgery were all under one hospital, so it was convenient.

Reclaiming Life

For Carlos, the weight loss surgery wasn't just about shedding pounds—it was about reclaiming life. He’s free to enjoy moments he thought he had lost forever, like playing basketball with his four kids or holding his grandchild. "I can exercise now, and I can go for a walk or a jog, and my back doesn't go out on me like it used to," says Carlos. 

His journey is an inspiration and a testament to unwavering determination, resilience, and the world-class care he received at Southern New Hampshire Weight Management. Carlos redefined his future and hopes to inspire others to pursue healthier, happier lives.

Carlos found his healthy - and so can you! Take our FREE assessment to discover if surgical weight loss is your path to a healthier, happier life. 

Posted: 2/6/2024