Elective Surgeries Ramping Up Across SolutionHealth

We’re here and it’s safe to schedule your procedures at Elliot Health System and Southern New Hampshire Health.

Beverly Primeau, MBA-RN, SolutionHealth’s Vice President of Surgical and Procedural Services, says, “Elective procedures were put on hold during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, but now both health systems are in the ramp-up phase.”

At the main hospitals in both Manchester and Nashua, the number of cases being performed is based on patient demand and staffing.

Primeau says patients should have no fear when it comes to receiving care at either Elliot Health System or Southern New Hampshire Heath. “Our staff are doing great!” she says. “They have adapted well to what we’ve implemented to protect patients, staff, and visitors. They are eager to get our surgical volume back to normal levels.”

Patient and visitor screening are occurring at all SolutionHealth sites.

When a patient is coming in for a procedure, providers have the option of testing their patients for COVID-19 ahead of the procedure. This can be at the request of the provider or the patient. All patients receive a preoperative interview. At the time of the interview patients are provided information about the processes that have been implemented to keep them safe during their stay, such as what they can expect to see when they come to the hospital and what the expectations are regarding pre-screening, visitor control, social distancing, masking requirements, and enhanced cleaning procedures.

Both health systems require that everyone wear a mask and social distance during their stay.

Throughout the hospital visit, a patient will be assessed and then re-assessed for COVID-19 exposure. “They may be asked multiple times throughout their stay at various different checkpoints if they have come in contact with a COVID-19 positive person and be assessed for symptoms such as fever or cough,” Primeau explains. “This is to protect both patients and staff.”

As visitor policies may change, patients should call their surgeon’s office to find out who can come with them or inquire during their preoperative interview. 

Primeau wants everyone to know, “Both organizations have great teams of skilled staff ready to take care of any of our patients’ needs, safely.”

Posted: 7/13/2020 by Elyssa Ellis, SolutionHealth