March 2024

On March 30th, we mark National Doctors’ Day. This date provides us with the opportunity to pause and express gratitude to our physicians across Southern New Hampshire Health. We hope you will join us as we express our appreciation for the dedication, skill, and passion that our physicians provide every day of the year.

Living with an inflammatory skin condition can be a challenge. However, recent advancements in medications are offering new hope for patients looking for safe and effective treatment options.

Southern New Hampshire Medical Center is proud to offer the Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) designed for individuals 18 years of age and older who are struggling with a substance use disorder.
Prioritizing quality sleep is crucial for maintaining optimal mental health. In this article, we will explore the concept of sleep hygiene, the profound impact poor sleep can have on mental well-being, and provide practical tips for improving sleep hygiene to foster better sleep and overall mental health.
3/21/2024 by Melissa Frechette, APRN at Foundation Collaborative Care
Patient handling, such as boosting and transferring, is a common activity in health care, with the average caregiver boosting eleven times per shift. This results in a physical burden for staff due to the frequency of lifting/lowering or pushing/pulling movements that require high forces and awkward or static postures as well as increased patient risk. The Hercules Patient Repositioner can improve both issues.
Southern NH Health is proud to announce the arrival of John Hasychak, DO to the health system. Dr. Hasychak joins a dedicated team that is committed to serving our community.
Dr. Michael Kaczanowski shares his insights on colorectal cancer. From signs and symptoms to the importance of early screening, Dr. Kaczanowski sheds light on how individuals of all ages can take proactive steps towards colorectal health.