May 2020

The American College of Radiology (ACR) has granted a three-year re-accreditation for mammography to the deNicola Breast Health Center at Southern New Hampshire Health.
5/29/2020 by Elyssa Ellis, SolutionHealth

May is mental health awareness month. In these unprecedented times, we need to keep tabs on our mental health and our children’s mental health.


5/29/2020 by Elyssa Ellis, SolutionHealth
May 26, 2020-- Southern New Hampshire Health is now a point of entry into The Doorway program, the statewide initiative that provides comprehensive addiction services to residents suffering from a substance use disorder. The program helps to facilitate access to treatment and offers ongoing monitoring as needed.
Remdesivir is making headlines as a potential “cure” for COVID-19, but there’s some misinformation surrounding it. SolutionHealth’s pharmaceutical experts are clearing up fact from fiction.
5/28/2020 by Elyssa Ellis, SolutionHealth
Whether you like it or not allergy season is here. Allergies can happen year-round, but this time of year it’s especially rough because of wind-borne pollinating plants, including trees, grass, and weeds.
5/27/2020 by Elyssa Ellis, SolutionHealth
Unlike Memorial Day Weekends past, this year we’ll see less traffic on the roads and fewer people out and about as we continue to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. However, experts at SolutionHealth are warning that we may still see the uptick in injuries that typically occurs during this time of year.
5/22/2020 by Elyssa Ellis, SolutionHealth
SolutionHealth’s Patricia Gouveia, MSN, RN, NE-BC, is opening up about how she’s helping lead the ICU team through the pandemic.
5/18/2020 by Elyssa Ellis, SolutionHealth
During the COVID-19 pandemic, you may be enjoying the outdoors as we’re told to social distance, but the warmer temperatures mean a pest is lurking—ticks!
5/18/2020 by Elyssa Ellis, SolutionHealth
As we celebrate National Nurses Week and National Hospital Week, we’re looking at all the incredible work and dedication of our health care workers. They have adapted to a new “normal” during the COVID-19 pandemic and have overcome many obstacles. The Emergency Department at Southern New Hampshire Medical Center is one of many units that has adapted to COVID-19 patient care.
5/14/2020 by Elyssa Ellis, SolutionHealth
It’s something she never thought she’d experience, but Irene Arevalo Jimenez, BSN, RN-BC, is one of Southern New Hampshire Medical Center’s healthcare workers on the front lines of COVID-19.
5/7/2020 by Elyssa Ellis, SolutionHealth
April 22, 2020 Southern New Hampshire—Four hospitals have banded together to help each other defeat the COVID-19 pandemic and have launched the Front Lines NH Challenge Match. This initiative seeks to inspire and increase the impact of individual and corporate gifts made through, a dedicated web site.
5/5/2020 by Stephanie Brooks, SolutionHealth
April 20, 2020 Southern New Hampshire—In an unprecedented act of collaboration and coordination, four hospitals in southern New Hampshire have banded together to support their front line responders, coordinate efforts of care, share resources, and tell the story of sacrifices front line responders are making to defeat the COVID-19 pandemic.
5/4/2020 by Stephanie Brooks, SolutionHealth