Celebrating National Hospital Week


This year National Hospital Week is held from May 8 – 14. We are taking a moment to recognize the incredible ways you, our Southern NH Medical Center staff and providers, improve the lives of individuals in our communities, and the many ways you are connected to the Nashua community.
The quality of care, patient-centered approach, and continued commitment to our patients’ well-being, even in the most challenging of times, are noticed and valued. This is most clear through the words of our patients:
“I can't say enough about how dedicated and compassionate the nursing staff was. All of my needs were met in a helpful and rapid manner. You are lucky to have such a great group of employees. Their excellent abilities should be celebrated.”
“I thought the staff was very... very professional, very helpful. I... I thought they worked to help me to calm down. I was very nervous and [they were] very respectful to me. Very respectful to my son who was with me. Very happy with the overall experience there. Thank you.”
“The staff on 3 West was absolutely wonderful!! They were kind, compassionate, patient, answered all my questions & although they were busy, never seemed too rushed to communicate with me.”
“I was in the hospital for 6 days, 3 of them in the ICU. The nurses were phenomenal!!! I can't say enough good things about them from the ER to ICU and then on the regular floor. The kindness they showed me and my family was awesome. Shae and Lindsay in the ER, Tony and Harrison in the ICU and Erin on the 4th floor were so good to me. There are others but I can't remember all their names. You have a terrific nursing staff, and you should be very proud of them!”
“I was amazed at how professional and caring all the staff were. They definitely were willing to do a very challenging job in a stressful environment and their dedication to their patients seemed to shine through everything they did. I couldn't thank them enough!!”
Thank you for everything you do for our community, our patients, and each other. Your hard work is deeply appreciated.
Happy Hospital Week!
Colin McHugh
President and CEO, Southern New Hampshire Health
Dr. Tim Scherer
Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, Southern New Hampshire Medical Center
Sue Santana
Vice President of Patient Care Services, Chief Nursing Officer

Sidi Cuko
Chief Operating Officer, Southern New Hampshire Medical Center
Rebecca Cooper-Piela
Vice President of Quality and Accreditation and Chief Quality Officer

Posted: 5/9/2022