May 2024

Dr. Allisa Alpert explains when and why she recommends various health screenings for women.   
5/15/2024 by Dr. Allisa Alpert, Downtown Medical Associates
Arthritis is a joint disease affecting millions of people worldwide. Dr. Lyudmila Kirillova explains the disease and steps you can take to relieve symptoms. 
5/15/2024 by By Dr. Lyudmila Kirillova of Nashua Rheumatology
When someone suffers a stroke, every minute counts. Learn the signs of stroke and save a life!
Merkel cell carcinoma has gained recent attention after the passing of iconic musician Jimmy Buffett. In September 2023, the Margaritaville singer lost his battle with Merkel cell carcinoma, bringing this aggressive disease into the spotlight and prompting a deeper dive into its risk factors and preventative measures.