Appreciation and Recognition During Nurses Week 

Nurses Week at Southern NH Health celebrated the dedication, compassion, and excellence demonstrated by nurses throughout the organization. From colorful carnival carts to a prestigious award ceremony, the week was filled with festivities and heartfelt appreciation for the contributions of our nurses. 

IMG_5980.JPGMonday kicked off the week with a burst of energy as brightly colored traveling carnival carts made their rounds through the hospital, bringing cheer, music, and delicious treats ranging from popcorn to corndogs. The lively atmosphere set the tone for the week ahead, spreading joy and camaraderie.  

Tuesday’s games and trivia theme encouraged friendly competition. Winners earned raffle tickets for an element of excitement. 

Midweek, nurses were treated to the annual breakfast event. Leaders from across the system served up custom omelets and goodies, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for nurses to enjoy a well-deserved meal together. It was an opportunity to express appreciation for their tireless dedication and commitment to patient care.       

Thursday evening was a highlight of the week as Southern NH Health hosted its Nursing Excellence Awards ceremony at Sky Meadow Country Club. Colleagues, friends, and family gathered to honor the outstanding achievements of nurses who exemplify the highest standards of care and professionalism.  

Congratulations to our award winners, including Years of Service and Quarter Century Club members Erin Reilly, Julie Roberts, Nicole Therrien-Bolle, Diane Kolden, Kim Labelle, and Ellen Sanborn.  

Divisional Awards recognize registered nurses at Southern NH Health who exemplify the practice of compassionate, quality nursing care and demonstrate a career commitment to the nursing profession within their specialty. Selection criteria include demonstrating leadership, collaboration, research, practice and growth, and professional engagement. This year’s winners are Krystine Reardon, Renee Sweet, Tessa Bowley, Jordan Laferriere, Rebecca Pockl, Christine Greve, Janine LaPierre, and Cindy Morlock.                 

Four special awards were presented. The Jess Wyman Scholarship went to Rebecca Buckmire, and the Up and Coming Award was given to Carley DelliColli. Lisa DellaGatta won the Lifetime Achievement Award, and the Sue Lavery Leadership Award was given to Michelle Gardner.  

The week culminated in a display of departmental pride as teams competed for the title of best decorations on Friday's Spirit Day. Teams transformed their departments into a kaleidoscope of color and imagination. 

As Nurses Week came to a close, we extended heartfelt gratitude to all nurses for their commitment to excellence in patient care. Their hard work and expertise are a cornerstone of our success, and their contributions are celebrated not only during Nurses Week but every day of the year. 

Posted: 5/22/2024