October 2023

“Tech neck” is a phenomenon of the modern era as a result of more time looking down at our devices. Cell phones, laptops, desktops, and hand-held gaming devices all draw our focus, along with our head and neck, resulting in flexed posture which can result in pain and soreness of the neck, shoulders, and upper back. Learn how to undo the damage.
10/26/2023 by Kari Rabito, MSPT, NCS and Daniel Riviere, DPT
Southern New Hampshire Health is pleased to announce that Jennifer Marcotte, Southern NH Medical Center Trauma Program Manager, has been appointed by Commissioner Robert Quinn to the Trauma Medical Review Committee (TMRC) for the State of New Hampshire. Marcotte will represent the New Hampshire Emergency Nurses Association on this committee.
Southern New Hampshire Health is pleased to announce the newest additions to the health system. Seven providers have recently joined in roles and locations across Southern NH Health. They are dedicated healthcare professionals, ready to provide the excellence in care our community expects from Southern NH Health. 
Molly’s decision to undergo weight loss surgery, coupled with the unwavering support she received from the compassionate team at Southern New Hampshire Weight Management, has ushered her into a life filled with newfound health and happiness. “I have absolutely elevated myself,” she explains. “I feel even more full of life, if that was even possible.”  
On the evening of October 20, Southern New Hampshire Health came together to honor and celebrate the dedication and commitment of our Medical Assistants (MAs). The event featured key leaders who delivered remarks acknowledging the exceptional work of those who make a significant difference in the lives of patients and providers. The event shone a spotlight on two exceptional MAs who received prestigious awards.
In 2016, at the age of 26, Roisin Bettencourt's life took an unexpected turn. She and her husband were healthy and happy newlyweds when a lump in her breast led her down a path she never imagined.
One of the most remarkable advancements this century has been the ability to delve deeply into our genetic makeup. Genetic testing has reached a point where it can identify hundreds of molecular mutations in DNA and RNA, paving the way for a new era in disease prevention and targeted treatment. This breakthrough technology not only allows us to identify individuals at an increased risk of certain diseases but also provides invaluable insights into personalized healthcare.
When 57-year-old Wilton, NH resident David Anderson decided to address the weight issues he faced on and off throughout his life, he took a step that changed his life beyond his expectations. His decision led to success with Southern New Hampshire Weight Management in Nashua.
Kari Rabito, MSPT, NCS has recently earned her Neurologic Clinical Specialist (NCS) certification through the American Physical Therapy Association, an accomplishment that sets her apart as one of the few experts in her field. With less than 30 such specialists in New Hampshire and none near Nashua, Rabito's achievement is truly remarkable and defines her as a unique specialist within the physical therapy community dedicated to serving patients with neurological conditions. 
David Hoang, DO discusses common sports injuries proper prevention techniques. From knee, elbow, and shoulder injuries to concussions, learn essential strategies for more effective performance on the field.
10/1/2023 by David Hoang, DO at Foundation Orthopedics