Breast Cancer Care


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Breast Cancer Program

Our Breast Cancer Program, in collaboration with Mass General offers our community proactive screenings, precise diagnosis and staging, and the most optimal treatment plans—all under the guidance of one of the best cancer centers in the nation, Mass General Cancer Center.

Our first line of defense against breast cancer is prevention. At the deNicola Breast Health Center located at Southern New Hampshire Health, we rely on the most advanced, comprehensive screening technology that allows for early detection and proactive treatment. 

If we suspect breast cancer, we need a quick and accurate diagnosis and staging to create a successful treatment plan. Staging is the process that allows us to pinpoint the extent and location of a cancer. Working alongside Mass General Cancer Center, we offer the most advanced cancer diagnostic technology, including 3-D mammography, breast MRI, ultrasound, and biopsies. 

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Treatment Plans

The moment we diagnosis and stage breast cancer, we swiftly assemble a team of Southern New Hampshire Health and Mass General Cancer Center doctors and experts to evaluate the results. Our oncology experts collaborate in multi-disciplinary conferences and tumor board review meetings to ensure that each patient receives the most appropriate and individualized treatment plan, including the least invasive techniques available.

World-renowned Doctors 

Patients at Southern New Hampshire Health have access to some of the most accomplished and trusted oncologists and breast surgeons. On-site at Southern New Hampshire Health, Dr. T. Salewa Oseni leads the breast cancer department, which is one of the few facilities in the area that offers immediate reconstruction and nipple sparing surgery - oncoplastic lumpectomy. 

Oncoplastic Breast Surgery

Oncoplastic breast surgery is breast reconstruction performed at the same time as a lumpectomyAn oncoplastic lumpectomy is specifically recommended for women with larger breasts, tumors more than two centimeters in size, women who’ve already had a lumpectomy that didn’t work and are now told they need a mastectomy, and women whose tumor is near their cleavage or along the inframammary fold where a bra sits—areas that are visible and may cause the breast to sink in and become obvious.

Oncoplastic breast surgery gives some women the opportunity to keep their breasts. A larger portion is removed during a lumpectomy and the breast tissue is shifted to fill the space and reshape the breast.