Thank you for waiting.

Get the care you need at Southern New Hampshire Health.

The recent COVID-19 surge resulted in delayed care and rescheduled procedures for many as our teams directed their efforts and resources to help the unprecedented number of patients needing acute care. We appreciate the patience and support you displayed as we navigated these challenges.

As we enter a period of reprieve, we are ready to get back to what we love most: helping you be your strongest and healthiest self.

Make a reservation for your health.

Many important preventive care appointments and procedures were delayed at some point during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now is the time to get those appointments back on the calendar. Important visits and screenings that you may need include:

  • Annual Physicals & Well Child Visits - Our network of primary care practices – including family and internal medicine, pediatrics, and reproductive health – is ready to meet all your family’s needs, from preventive care to managing chronic conditions.
  • Colonoscopy - Nearly 80 percent of all colorectal cancer can be prevented with this lifesaving screening beginning between ages 45 and 50. Schedule Your Colonoscopy Today.
  • Mammography – People with breasts should talk to their provider about scheduling mammograms starting at age 40 to help detect breast cancer at its earliest stages. The deNicola Breast Health Center is your go-to for breast care, offering the latest technology and an expert team. Call (603) 577-2665 to schedule your mammogram today.
Reach out to your primary care provider to make sure you’re on track with your preventive care.


Your table is ready. 

Southern New Hampshire Health Immediate Care is available seven days per week for your non-emergency medical needs. With the recent addition of several new health care providers, all four Immediate Care locations have increased capacity to provide care. Now, you can walk-in, get care, and walk-out with minimal hassle. 

Our operators are standing by.

When you need surgery – whether it’s a same-day procedure or a more complex surgery – you can count on Southern’s talented and compassionate surgical staff to provide the care you need so you can get back to doing what you love.

From pre-op to post-op and beyond, our teams are dedicated to providing compassionate and safe care. Our surgeons have extensive training in a variety of surgical specialties, including:  

Take your health off hold.

Our patients come to us expecting to feel safe and cared for. That’s why our commitment to your safety has remained steadfast throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s not stopping any time soon. Our offices have tried-and-true protocols in place to protect you and your family.  

In addition to routine cleaning and hand hygiene practices, you may find the following safety precautions in place:
  • Masking requirements
  • Altered visitor policies
  • Modified waiting areas
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