Nursing & Patient Care Services


Cheryl Gagne, DNP, MBA, RN, CNE-BC
Vice President of Patient Care Services and Chief Nursing Officer for Southern New Hampshire Medical Center

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Southern New Hampshire Medical Center nursing where we offer a supportive professional practice environment. Whether you are new to practice, decades into your practice or somewhere in the middle – we have something for you.

We are a three time Magnet designated organization – a place where you can come to work every day where nursing traditions are honored, new evidence is embraced and even movie sensations are created. Just google “Southern New Hampshire Medical Center” and early warning scores, antispasmodic suppository or perceived value of certification to read a sample of our recent accomplishments. 

A deep respect for the people who work so tirelessly to provide the best care for others with complex physical and mental illness drew me into this profession. My recognition of this organization’s now 125-year history of commitment to this community brought and kept me here going on twenty years. I invite you to join me and to join us as a next step in your career, knowing that the best for all of us is yet to be.   

Magnet® Hospital 

The DAISY Award in Nursing

Nursing and Patient Care Services Annual Report 2019


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Magnet® Hospita

Southern New Hampshire Medical Center has been recognized by the American Nurses Credentialing Center as a Magnet hospital since 2006. The Magnet credential represents the gold standard for an organization that supports autonomous nursing practice and interprofessional collaboration in order to maintain the highest quality of care.


Learn more about the Magnet Recognition Program® here. 


The DAISY Award in Nursing 

This national award recognizes exceptional care and compassion by a nurse. Click here to learn more about the Daisy Award or click here to nominate a nurse today!


2019 Nursing and Patient Care Services Annual Report 

Read the annual report to learn more about the accomplishments of nurses at Southern New Hampshire Medical Center.


Nursing is an art …, one of the fine arts.”… - Florence Nightingale

Nurses — one of the few blessings of being ill. - Sara Moss–Wolfe