Shoulder Medicine

The shoulder specialists

As the most versatile joint in the human body, your shoulder provides you with tremendous flexibility.
Yet that range of motion sometimes leads to shoulder pain or discomfort because of inflammation, instability, arthritis or a fracture.
Our board-certified orthopedists are recognized experts in diagnosing and treating shoulder conditions and injuries using the most advanced surgical and nonsurgical options.

Assessing your pain

Common symptoms of a possible shoulder condition or injury may include:
  • Pain and stiffness in or around the shoulder joint
  • Limited shoulder mobility
  • Difficulty and/or inability to reach overhead
  • Shoulder joint pain that keeps you awake at night
  • A popping or grinding feeling when you use the affected shoulder
 Whether you’re suffering from a recent injury - such as a rotator cuff tear or shoulder dislocation - or the pain in your shoulder has developed and worsened over time, like shoulder tendonitis or bursitis, we understand your desire for pain relief.
Request an appointment today to consult with a specialist who will work with you to create an individualized treatment plan unique to your needs.