Hand and Wrist Medicine

Count on our team

We rely on our hands and wrists for a multitude of activities. When pain gets in the way of being able to do those tasks, it’s best to consult our board-certified orthopedic team expert in diagnosing and treating your hand and wrist injuries and conditions.
Whether it’s a chronic condition - like carpal tunnel syndrome - or a fracture or sprain - we provide both surgical and nonsurgical options.
If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms of wrist or hand pain, it may be time to consult our specialists before your symptoms worsen.
  • Increased hand, arm, joint or thumb pain and tingling or numbness in the hand and forearm
  • Swelling or significant bruising in the hand, wrist, around the joint, or over the forearm
  • Inability to carry, open or twist objects
  • Difficulty straightening your wrist
  • Hand numbness, tingling or throbbing while resting or sleeping
  • A sensation of grating or grinding in the affected joint