If you or someone you know needs help with a personal or psychiatric crisis, call the Acute Community Crisis Evaluation Service System (ACCESS) at (603) 577-2728, or come directly to the Emergency Department. 

Staffed by mental health clinicians, ACCESS provides crisis evaluations, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. After an evaluation, a referral will be made to the most appropriate services, including outpatient services, partial or inpatient hospitalization. 

What is an ACCESS evaluation?
The evaluation includes an examination by an Emergency Department provider who may be a doctor, nurse practitioner or physician assistant as well as laboratory tests if necessary. A crisis evaluation by a member of the ACCESS team will then take place. 

How long will it take to be seen? 
An ACCESS visit is an Emergency Department (ED) visit. You are seen in order based on your condition, as assessed by the triage nurse. Depending on the number of patients in the ED, your wait for services may be lengthy.

How much does it cost?
Charges include the services of the ED provider, the ED visit charge, any tests ordered, and the ACCESS assessment. The ED will never turn anyone away for inability to pay but if you are insured, your health care plan will determine how much of the cost will be your responsibility. Learn more about getting help paying for care.

Can a patient under the age of 18 be admitted after a referral?
Our inpatient Behavioral Health unit primarily serves adults. Minors who require a hospital admission require transfer to another facility. In New Hampshire, Hampstead Hospital in Hampstead and Cheshire Hospital in Keene admit minors for voluntary treatment. Referring directly to the hospital where the services will be provided can eliminate unnecessary waiting time, transportation and hospital costs for the family. 

Can ACCESS “clear” someone for return to work or school?
While we provide a crisis evaluation, we are not able to issue a return to school/work note that would address future safety. Upon discharge from the ED, you are given referral information. It is the responsibility of patient, parent/guardian to obtain follow-up care as recommended.