Level II Special Care Nursery

Most births happen without any complications. But our Level II Special Care Nursery is down the hall from The Birth Place, just in case. We care for babies with many different challenges, such as infections, birth defects, and most commonly, prematurity. Some of our babies are as small as 3 pounds or as young as 32 weeks. Most are born here but others transfer here for specialized care, close to family, until they’re ready to go home. We do accept babies back into our care who no longer need Level III specialized care.  

Your baby’s specialized team includes:
  • Neonatologists and pediatric hospitalists (doctors who specialize in the care of sick and premature newborns)
  • Mass General pediatric specialists
  • Registered nurses specializing in neonatal care
  • Neonatal nurse practitioner
  • Respiratory therapists
  • Nutritionists
  • Case Managers
  • Lactation (breastfeeding) consultants
Because you play a vital role in your baby’s recovery, you’re welcome day and night. We have quiet, private areas where you and your family can have time alone with your baby. We are the most comprehensive birth center in the Greater Nashua area
and will work with you to provide the best care for your baby’s medical and developmental needs.