‘Ellie’ the Elephant’s Journey at Southern NH Medical Center

3G4A2128.JPGEllie the elephant was feeling unwell one sunny afternoon, and his worried parents decided it was best to take him to the hospital. As soon as they arrived at the emergency department, the providers and nurses quickly attended to him. Ellie’s large, grey trunk swayed nervously as a kind provider carefully placed an IV in his thick-skinned leg to make sure he stayed hydrated and got the medicine he needed.


3G4A1813.JPGEllie felt a bit better with the IV in place, but his journey was far from over. The nurses gently wheeled him up to the pediatric floor, where colorful murals of other animals adorned the walls, making it a bit less intimidating. Here, a friendly nurse used a special thermometer to take Ellie’s temperature, and Ellie patiently held still, his large ears flapping slightly.

3G4A2151.JPG“We need to make sure everything is okay inside, Ellie,” said the doctor reassuringly. So, Ellie was taken to the CT scan room. The large machine looked a bit scary, but the technician explained everything calmly, making Ellie feel more at ease. As the machine buzzed and whirred around him, Ellie lay very still, his trunk curled up comfortably.




Ellie-1.jpgAfter the CT scan was completed, Ellie was brought back to his room on the pediatric floor. The doctors reviewed the scans and soon came in with good news. “You’re going to be just fine, Ellie! We just need to give you some medicine and let you rest.”

Ellie’s parents sighed in relief, and Ellie gave a small trumpet of happiness, glad to know he was in good hands. The hospital staff took excellent care of him, and before long, Ellie was back on his feet, ready to head home and share his adventure with his friends.

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