Change Minds. Save Lives.

Join us on the front lines…because our community is worth fighting for.  

For far too long, mental health and substance abuse have been taboo subjects. People with depression, anxiety, grief or addiction (substance use disorder), often suffer in silence, afraid of the stigma of having a mental health condition.
Mental Health and substance use disorders don’t discriminate. Individuals are impacted regardless of their age, background or income. In fact, these conditions are considered diseases like cancer, heart disease or Parkinson’s disease.
Like other communities nation-wide, greater Nashua is challenged by a shortage of specialists, services and support needed to reach and treat those with mental health issues. Those with mental illness often don’t get the care and support they need. Not only are they at greater risk for preventable deaths from accidents, overdoses and suicide, but struggles can impact their loved ones, jobs and their desire to lead healthy lives.
It’s time to replace stigmas with knowledge and silence with action, and together, we can provide our community with the resources, access and care to ultimately save lives.

Join the Fight:

We are launching a campaign to Change Minds and Save Lives.

Have you or a loved one been impacted by mental illness or addiction? Please consider sharing your story as we work to reduce the stigma and to raise funds to expand programs and services to save lives in our community.

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