Community Health

Southern New Hampshire Health is dedicated to meeting the health needs of the communities we serve. We take a number of steps to fulfill this mission.

Supporting the City of Nashua

We work collaboratively with the city of Nashua and other social service agencies to identify the health concerns and needs in the city and the greater Nashua region. You can read more about these efforts in Nashua’s community health assessment reports.

Addressing Needs in our Entire Service Area

We also complete our own community health needs assessment, building on the city’s vital work. We support the city’s action plan and broaden our assessment to define and address the unmet health needs in all of the 32 communities we serve. You can read more about our efforts in our last three reports.

​Community Benefits Report

As a non-profit organization, we submit an annual Community Benefits Report to the state. This report defines the time, talent and resources we provide, at no cost to the community, to help improve the health and well-being in all of the communities we serve.