Hospital Medicine

Hospitalists are physicians who specialize in caring for adults and children during hospital stays. A hospitalist’s primary focus is making sure you receive the best care on every level, from admission to discharge. 


  • Provide timely bedside visits for patients
  • Communicate regularly with a patient’s primary care provider
  • Follow up on tests and adjust treatment if needed
  • Establish a treatment plan after leaving the hospital, including follow-up visits and prescription medications

Pediatric Hospitalists:

Our Pediatric Hospitalist Program physicians are specialists who focus on the care of hospitalized pediatric patients. A pediatric hospitalist ensures continuity of care from admission through discharge, concentrating on each young patient's unique, individual needs.

Because pediatric hospitalists work entirely in the hospital setting, they can provide timely bedside visits and prompt follow-up on lab results and tests. This allows them to manage patients' care effectively, compassionately, and efficiently.