Patient Information

Before Your Surgery

Several days before your surgery, you’ll get a phone call from a nurse in the Pre-Admissions Department. The nurse will review your health and medication history, and you’ll have a chance to ask questions. We’ll also tell you how you can prepare for your surgery. 

Please be ready to tell the nurse:
  • Your phone numbers (home, work, and cell), so we can reach you in case we need to change the time of your surgery
  • Any allergies you have to food, medicine, latex, or anything else

Leaving the Medical Center

When it’s time for you to leave the Medical Center, our case managers will help plan your home care and arrange for any medical equipment or other services you might need. We’ll review your personalized written instructions with you to make sure you understand your care plan. 

Please arrange for a ride home in advance. When you’re ready to leave, a volunteer or a member of the hospital staff will bring you to the main entrance and make sure that your ride is here.