Southern New Hampshire Health Supports Nashua High School's Health Occupations Program

Southern New Hampshire Health (SNHH) continues its commitment to nurturing the next generation of health care professionals by providing crucial support to the Nashua High School Careers and Technical Education- Health Occupations program. This program, a popular choice among students, allows them to delve into the world of health care during their junior and senior years after a competitive application process.

Laura Forgione, Executive Director of Inpatient Nursing, Professional Practice, and Magnet Program at Southern New Hampshire Medical Center, says, “Southern New Hampshire Medical Center is proud to support the youth in our community exploring careers in the health care field.  We are deeply committed to ensuring these students have the resources needed to support their learning”. 

Funding for the Health Occupations program is a collaborative effort, supported by Perkins Grants, the school budget, and community support. Program Director Lori Chisholm explains, “Southern NH Medical Center has supported the Health Science program at Nashua High School South for years. Recently, we have forged a greater partnership to educate our current seniors. Southern NH Health has begun to provide not only financial support for our year-end LNA/Health Occupations celebration and much-needed medical supplies but also was able to donate NHS-2.jpgeight hospital beds for our lab area. We look forward to continuing to grow our relationship and appreciate Laura Forgione stepping up and participating in our advisory board.”

The program, with an enrollment ranging from 40 to 90 students from Nashua and the surrounding area, is a two-year journey of hands-on learning. In the first year, students focus on classroom-based studies covering anatomy, physiology, and in-room patient care skills. The second year takes an immersive approach, alternating between clinical experiences in facilities including Courville at Nashua and Hunt Community and classroom-based theory and practical education. Students accrue a substantial 60-80 hours of clinical experience, providing a solid foundation for their future careers.

Licensed Nurse Assistants (LNAs), a significant portion of the program's participants, sit for the state certification exam in May, earning them their LNA certification. The program not only equips students with essential skills but also opens doors for immediate employment opportunities, allowing them to work as LNAs or as Patient Care Attendants in private facilities.

The impact of Southern NH Health’s support extends beyond financial contributions; it reflects an investment in the development of a skilled health care workforce. As students embark on their professional journeys, the support from SNHH helps light the path to a brighter and healthier future for both the individuals and the communities they will serve.

In addition to supporting educational programs such as this, Southern New Hampshire Health offers a variety of opportunities in both clinical and non-clinical positions. Find your future with us

Posted: 2/28/2024