February 2024

Research shows that individuals who have a strong sense of purpose and meaning in life tend to have better mental health, overall well-being, and cognitive functioning compared to those who lack a sense of purpose. Calling it a passion may be too strong a word, but pursuing a personal, recreational interest can offer purpose and strengthen your mental health and resilience.
2/19/2024 by Julie Klink, LICSW at Foundation Counseling and Wellness
Dr. Derek Jurus from Women's Care of Nashua delves into the most important aspects of cervical cancer, its causes, and prevention. He explores risk factors, including age, habits, and genetics, who should undergo screening, and how frequently. Listen to learn about proactive measures that can effectively minimize the risk of developing cervical cancer.
As winter settles in, many of us experience the unwelcome side effects of dry and itchy skin. The drop in temperature, coupled with lower humidity levels, can wreak havoc on our skin's moisture balance. The providers at Nashua Dermatology Associates offer some quick tips to help you keep your skin healthy and hydrated during the colder months.
2/13/2024 by From the Nashua Dermatology Associates Provider Team
In today's fast-paced world, finding a meal that is both nutritious and quick to prepare can be a challenge. Fear not; Southern New Hampshire Weight Management has the perfect solution for you – a delicious Three Bean Chili recipe that not only tastes fantastic but is also packed with nutrients to support your overall well-being.
Heart disease is a leading cause of death globally, affecting both men and women. However, women may experience heart issues differently than men, putting them at risk for delay in diagnosis and treatment. Understanding the unique risk factors and symptoms associated with women's heart health is vital for early detection and prevention.
2/7/2024 by Paul Boffetti, MD, FACC of Foundation Cardiology
Carlos Cruz's battle with obesity began at an early age. When he was just 14 years old, he remembers stepping on the scale and hitting 300 pounds. After years of struggling with back pain, sleep apnea, and high blood pressure, he made a decision to undergo weight loss surgery, changing his life for the better.