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Visitor Policy: Effective July 2023

At Southern New Hampshire Medical Center, our priority is to provide quality care and a healing environment for all our patients. Family members and visitors as identified by you, our patient, are welcome during your stay with us. We understand that your family members and visitors provide support, comfort, and important information throughout your hospital stay. Our visitation guidelines are designed so that we may assure our patients that they will be provided with a caring and healing environment.

Family members and visitors are encouraged to visit during day and early evening hours to promote patient healing and rest. Anyone visiting after 8:00PM will be asked to check in with Security prior to visiting.

Family members and visitors are expected to:

  • Treat and communicate respectfully with all members of the care team, other patients, families, and visitors.
  • Wash hands to help reduce the spread of germs.
  • Respect the privacy of other patients and families
  • Participate in the plan of care and to ask questions to promote understanding.
  • Support a quiet and healing environment by speaking softly, minimizing noise and disruptions.
Visitation Guidelines:
  1. To help patients recover and not overly tire patients, visits should be brief, quiet, and pleasant.
  2. Children visitors must be supervised by a responsible adult, other than the patient, at all times.
  3. Special considerations that determine the amount of time family and visitors spend with patients may include:
    1. Clinical and emotional needs of the patient. Having family or visitors present must not put the patient at risk or bring the patient harm.
    2. Family member’s or visitor’s inability to meet hospital infection control policies.
    3. The need to maintain a sterile environment during bedside procedures.
    4. Visitor limitations as requested by the patient.
    5. Space limitations in patient rooms.
    6. Patient, family, visitor or employee safety issues.
  4. When appropriate, a member of the clinical care team may also discuss the risk of caregiver fatigue with family.
  5. Visit The Birth Place section of our website for more information regarding Birth Place visiting hours. 
Note: There may be unique and extenuating circumstances that require compassionate exceptions or reasonable restrictions to these guidelines. The healthcare team, using professional judgment and in collaboration with the patient or the patient’s designated representative, will consider the unique family circumstances and patient needs when applying these guidelines.
Please call our main line at 603-577-2000 for more information. 
To help you plan your visit to the Southern New Hampshire Medical Center, please note the following:
  • You should enter through the Main entrance at 8 Prospect Street
  • Valet Parking will be available at the Main entrance (or you may park in the parking garage)
  • Upon your arrival, if you are a patient with a scheduled exam you will be given directions as to where your procedure or test is scheduled 

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Thank you for choosing Southern New Hampshire Medical Center for your care. We want your stay to be as comfortable as possible, whether you are a patient at our hospital or you are visiting a friend our family member.

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