Southern New Hampshire Health Upgrades CT Scanning Technology

Southern New Hampshire Health is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of our patients by providing access to exceptional health and medical care services. As part of this commitment, SNHH has upgraded our CT scanning technology by investing in the Revolution Frontier CT scanner from GE.


According to GE, the Revolution Frontier is “built to push the boundaries of what you expect” from CT scanning technology. New features, which will produce images that are of higher quality and are more detailed than ever before, include:
  • 128-slice scanning capabilities makes this machine faster and produces higher resolution images
  • real time imaging to assist radiologists with interventional and biopsy procedures
  • metal reducing artifact software to improve the imaging quality of soft tissue structures around prosthetics, such as hip replacements
The patient experience will also be improved by the Revolution Frontier, which is ready to adapt to every patient’s unique clinical needs. The machine allows for weight-based contrast dosing to ensure that patients only receive as much contrast as they need.  Additionally, low-dose scanning capabilities and electronic shielding to radiosensitive tissues, such as breasts and eyes, will decrease the amount of radiation patients are exposed to during scans.

With this new technology, SNHH’s radiology team will continue to meet the demand for high quality CT scans while providing patients with the best experience possible.

Posted: 9/4/2019 by SNHH