Congratulations to Savannah Ritter! DAISY Award® Honoree


The DAISY Award® is an international recognition for extraordinary nurses. Foundation Medical Partners has partnered with the DAISY foundation to honor excellent nurses since 2018. Savannah Ritter, RN of Partners in Pediatrics is the first DAISY Award® honoree for FMP in 2022.
Patient and colleagues alike can nominate nurses for the DAISY Award®.  Savannah’s nomination, speaks for itself:
“She is an exceptional clinician trusted by all providers and coworkers, our principal trainer for new hires, a mentor for new grad nurses and a triage expert.”
“The way Savannah responds and deals with constant stress is just part of who she is, but also a top-notch nurse who knows that patients and co-workers are relying on her and she takes that very seriously.  She is the glue that holds her team together at critical times.  She works really hard to keep teammates engaged in very thoughtful ways…

she is what ‘the whole package’ looks like for an exceptional nurse. She lives Our Core Values as an organization each and every day and takes great pride in serving our organization and the patients of our practice.”
“Savannah is kind and considerate and treats each patient and their families as if they were her own.”
Congratulations, Savannah!  Thank you for your commitment to our patients!

Posted: 2/15/2022