ICU Unit Director Discusses How She’s Leading Staff Through COVID-19

SolutionHealth’s Patricia Gouveia, MSN, RN, NE-BC, is opening up about how she’s helping lead the ICU team at Southern New Hampshire Medical Center through the COVID-19 pandemic.


“We have had to open a second ICU in the pediatric unit for non-COVID-19 patients. My staff is split between two units,” says Gouveia, who serves as the Unit Director.

To prepare for a surge in cases, she says the ICU has trained some hand-selected staff from the med-surge and telemetry floors to work with the ICU team. “We have also set up a second COVID-19 ICU in the Pre-op and PACU areas to be ready to go if needed,” Gouveia explains.

Staying upbeat and motivated during the COVID-19 crisis has been a challenge, but Gouveia says the community is helping. “Staff are overwhelmed by the community support received and the words of encouragement provided by each other and the community.”

She wants the community to know, “We are a department filled with courageous and compassionate caregivers who do what needs to be done to care for your loved ones and we do our best to provide them the comfort you cannot in their time of need.”

Posted: 5/18/2020 by Elyssa Ellis, SolutionHealth