Phone Calls
At the Main Campus, each patient has a bedside telephone. We’ll give you the phone number assigned to your room so your family and friends can call you directly. If anyone calls you after 10 pm, the call will go to the nurses' station.
  • To make a local call, dial 9 + the number. Local calls are free.
  • To make a long distance call, use a calling card or call collect. Dial 9 + 0 for help from an operator.
At the Inpatient Behavioral Health Unit at The Medical Center’s West Campus, patients can use public phones. 

Cell Phones
Cell phones and walkie-talkies are important ways to stay in touch with family and friends — but they can cause problems with some of the electronic medical equipment we use. To keep our patients safe:
  • If you’re near electronic medical equipment (within 3 feet), turn off your cell phones and walkie-talkies. 
  • You may not use cell phones or walkie-talkies in some places in the Medical Center, including: 
                 o    Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
                 o    Emergency Department (ED)
                 o    Post-Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU)

We encourage a quiet environment to make our patients comfortable. In areas where cell phones are allowed, like hallways and lounges, please be considerate by speaking quietly when talking on the phone. 

At the Main Campus, each patient has a bedside color television with cable channels. If you would like TV earphones, please ask your nurse.

At the Inpatient Behavioral Health Unit at The Medical Center’s West Campus, televisions are available in the common areas.
  • Channel 56 is the hospital’s patient education channel. You can find the list of programs attached to the television in your room.

Channel 57 is the hospital’s relaxation channel that features beautiful music, scenery, inspirational messages, humor, and techniques to help you reduce stress.

Wireless Internet Access (Wi-Fi)
We offer free Wi-Fi access for our patients, visitors and guests. By using our wireless connection, you agree to the following:
  • You are accessing the Internet at your own risk. We don’t provide technical support. We recommend you use personal antivirus, firewall and virtual private network (VPN) software on your devices if security is a concern. We’re not responsible for any hardware or software issues that may happen before, during, or after you use our wireless network.
  • We use content filtering tools to help you avoid inadvertently accessing web sites containing content that is inconsistent with our purpose for providing Internet access.
  • You may not use our Internet connection to view or send offensive or otherwise inappropriate messages or images.

Our wireless Internet is separate from the network we use to transmit patient data. We don’t collect any personal information from your use of the wireless network, but we do record your device address and the time and date of connection so we can keep track of how many people are using our wireless connection.