Planning Your Care
Our case managers plan home care and arrange for medical equipment and any other services you might need when you go home. The planning starts early so that we can have all the services you need ready for the day you go home. Planning involves your care team and you, the most important person.

There are many ways to be involved:
  • Ask questions and share your concerns with us.
  • Include a family member in your care.
  • Talk about any concerns that may affect your ability to care for yourself.
Questions to Consider                                                       
Not every patient will need care after going home, but for those who do, think about the following questions:
  • Will I need help at home?
  • Is there a family member or friend who can help me at home?
  • Do I have concerns to discuss with a case manager?
The Discharge Process
We are aware that going home may involve the help of family or friends. Your care team will keep you informed and will do their best to give you a date and approximate time of discharge in advance.
On the day you leave:
  • Your doctor will write an order for you to go home.
  • Your care team will review discharge information with you. You will be given written instructions.
  • Valuables and personal belongings that you stored with us will be returned to you.
  • Please arrange for a ride home in advance. When you are ready to leave, a member of the hospital staff or a volunteer will bring you to the main entrance and make sure that your ride is here.
After Your Hospital Stay
You may need additional services, care, or treatment after leaving the hospital. Several outpatient services are offered by The Medical Center. Depending on your condition, cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation are available. Ask your doctor if you need these services. Diabetes and dietitian follow-up are available at the Southern New Hampshire Diabetes and Endocrinology.

Other options are:
Independent Care: Your nurses will teach you or your family about caring for yourself at home. If this is appropriate for you, no services or agencies need to be involved.

Home Health Care: If you or your family needs help with your care, then a home health care agency can help. Home health care can provide visits from a nurse, home health aide, medical social worker, and therapists while you continue to recover at home.

Skilled Nursing Facility: If you no longer need to be in a hospital but still need 24 hour care, a skilled nursing facility may be right for you. Skilled nursing facilities provide rehabilitation and specialized care.

Rehabilitation: If you need rehabilitation that cannot be provided from an outpatient office, a rehabilitation center may be what you need. During your stay at a rehabilitation center, a team of therapists, nurses, and providers will take care of you. They will help you to build up your strength and improve your health.

Hospice Care: Hospice care is for patients with a terminal illness or those who choose not to have aggressive medical treatment. Hospice care specializes in pain control and comfort measures. This type of care can be provided in your home or at a hospice facility.

If you feel you need any of these services, ask to speak with your case manager.

Our Pharmacy offers patients who are going home the convenience of filling prescriptions for medicines that are needed right away.
Filling a prescription at our pharmacy:
  • The pharmacy only fills prescriptions that are written by our hospital providers at discharge.
  • Prescriptions need to be filled on the same day they are written.
  • The pharmacy cannot refill prescriptions.
  • The pharmacy cannot fill prescriptions from office visits with your provider.
  • The pharmacy is open Monday through Friday 8:30 am until 6:00 pm and is closed on holidays.
  • Most major insurance plans are accepted.
  • The pharmacy also accepts payment by cash, check, VISA, or MasterCard.
  • The pharmacy is located next to the main lobby.
  • Please use your neighborhood pharmacy to fill your routine prescriptions. There are several pharmacies nearby that are open 24 hours a day. Please ask your nurse for names of local pharmacies.