At The Medical Center, we believe that the mind, body, and spirit work together in the healing process. The ministry of the Pastoral Care department is interfaith. We value all religious and spiritual traditions, cultural backgrounds, and communities as resources for health and healing. We advocate, provide, educate, and support a mind-body-spirit, holistic approach. We serve patients and their families, medical staff, hospital employees, volunteers, and adjunctive community service providers.

We seek to promote holistic service partnerships between the Medical Center and the wider community of spiritual, mental, and physical health care providers.

  • Patient Visitation
  • Healing Services
  • Conferences
  • Training
  • Outreach
  • Prayer Shawl Ministry
  • Laptop Labyrinth available to Cancer patients for comfort and meditation
When to Contact a Chaplain
  • When you desire the sacraments and/or someone to pray with you.
  • When you need someone to listen.
  • When you are unable to forgive.
  • When you feel the need to draw strength from your spiritual roots.
  • When you need support in time of crisis or loss.
  • When you want to clarify your values regarding health care decisions.
  • When you need spiritual direction and counseling.
  • When you need spiritual support with End of Life issues.