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Dr. Gabriel Hamawi, a graduate of Kent State University College of Podiatric Medicine, received his B.S. in biology from Southern Connecticut State University. Dr. Hamawi completed his podiatric medical and surgical residency, with an added credential in reconstructive rearfoot/ankle surgery at Central Michigan University in Saginaw.
“With podiatry, I see a range of patients, from the very young to older adults, with a wide variety of conditions, such as foot and ankle pain or injuries associated with the foot and ankle,” he says. “I love facing the challenges of seeing different types of patients and tailoring care to each unique patient’s individual needs.”
Dr. Hamawi specializes in the surgical and non-surgical management of sports injuries and traumatic injuries of the foot and ankle, as well as diabetic foot care.
“I love what I do,” he says. “My favorite thing is seeing patients getting better and enjoying their life.”
As Dr. Hamawi describes it, the ideal patient/provider relationship is built on three cornerstones – trust, collaboration and open communication. “I like to have my patients allow me to hear them out and then work with them as a team to find the best fit and most appropriate, safe solution to address the problem they’re having,” he says.
Having grown up in Waterbury, Connecticut, as a first-generation American, Dr. Hamawi says he remembers his friends and family “going through hoops to try to get ahead in life” including accessing quality healthcare.
Proficient in English, Arabic and Armenian, he recognized during his residency in Michigan how essential it was to give back to the community and consider a patient’s background, which often was similar to his own.
“I tell those patients who may be first-generation or immigrants themselves, ‘I see you just how I see my parents,’” Dr. Hamawi says. “I treat everyone just how I’d treat my mom and dad.”
When he’s not at work, he enjoys spending time with his wife and traveling together to see the world.


Medical School
Kent State University College of Podiatric of Medicine, Independence, OH
Central Michigan University (CMU) Educational Partners, Saginaw MI

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